Structural Moisture

Stick-in Electrode Pair
M 6

Ref.Nr. 31003700

Stick-in electrode pair for moisture measurements in hard and soft set building materials

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The M 6 stick-in electrode pair can be used for resistance-basedstructural moisture measurement in hard-set building materials (such as lime-sand brick, cement screed or concrete) or in soft building materials (such as mortar joints, plaster or drywall boards).

In addition, the electrode heads are used as carrier system for various other electrode pairs (see below).

When measuring hard building materials, predrilling is recommended and contact mass should be used to improve the conductivity between the measured material and electrode pins.
The electrodes should always be used in pairs and optimally placed at a distance of approx. 8 to 10 cm from each other in the material to be measured.

Structural Moisture
Structural Moisture
Resistance-based measuring
Resistance-based measuring
Measuring Ranges
The measuring ranges of this electrode depend on the connected measuring device (base product).
Measuring moisture in hard-set and soft building materials.
  • Including 10 electrode pins of 40 and 60 mm in length
Base ProductCan be used with these hydromettes...
Carrier SystemAlso serves as carrier system for various other electrode pairs...
M 6-150
M 6-15031003706
M 6-250
M 6-25031003707
M 6-Bi 200
M 6-Bi 20031003702
M 6-Bi 300
M 6-Bi 30031003703
M 20-Bi 200
M 20-Bi 20031004360
M 20-Bi 300
M 20-Bi 30031004365

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