Structural Moisture

Flat Electrode Pair
M 6-Bi 200

Ref.Nr. 31003702
Flat electrodes for resistance-based moisture measurement in screed or insulation materials  
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The M 6-Bi 200 flat electrode pair is used for resistance-based moisture measurement in screed or insulating materials. Their special shape makes it possible to measure in edge and floating joints.

Structural Moisture
Structural Moisture
The electrode pair can be used with all hydromettes based on the resistance measurement method.
Resistance-based measuring
Resistance-based measuring
Measuring Ranges
The measuring ranges of this electrode depend on the connected measuring device (base product).
Measuring moisture in screed or insulating materials, particularly in edge or floating joints.
  • The insulation on the stem prevents surface moisture from skewing the measuring result
Length0.010 m0.033 ft (0.010 m)
Width0.001 m0.003 ft (0.001 m)
Height0.200 m0.656 ft (0.200 m)
Base ProductCan be used with these hydromettes...
Carrier SystemNeeds one of these carrier systems...
M 6
M 631003700recommended

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