What do I have to do if I want to send in a measuring device, circuit board or similar for repair/checking?

Pack the device including accessories into the case (if available) and pack it securely. Please create a covering letter with your address and the reason for sending it in and enclose it in the package. Please mention if a cost estimate is desired. Please also note our recommendation to send all accessories for a measuring instrument (electrodes, cables, etc.). 
Our address:
Gann Mess- u. Regeltechnik GmbH
Schillerstrasse 63
70839 Gerlingen

Here you will find ready-made forms for sending in your products:

Notes & form for repairs GERMAN

Notes & form for repairs ENGLISH


How long does it take until I get my meter/board back?

Normally, repairs are registered in our system on the same day we receive the shipment. The inspection/repair takes about 10 days. Then you will receive a feedback from us. Please note that at the beginning of the "humid" season (autumn/winter) we receive an increasing number of shipments in for inspection and an inspection may take more time.


How often should I send in my measuring device for inspection?

We recommend sending it in every 2-4 years, unless there is an obvious malfunction.

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