FAQs - Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find selected so-called "frequently asked questions", which we are asked repeatedly in everyday life.
Please note that this section is still under construction and will be updated continuously.

Wood moisture - basic questions


Is it possible to measure in multi-layer structures?

A exact measurement is difficult due to different raw densities of the materials used. However, comparative measurements are possible.


Which dry values for mineral wool/glass wool are normal?

5 to 10 digits are common.

Building moisture - basic questions


What is the optical difference between cement screed and calcium sulfate screed?

Cement screed is darker and rougher; the calcium sulfate screed is lighter and finer in comparison.


To what extent does salinization change the measured values?

Salts contained in the masonry are normal and change the measured values only slightly. Visible salt deposits on the surface increase the measured values, therefore brush off as much as possible before measuring.

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