Wood Moisture

Ram-in Electrode
M 18

Ref.Nr. 31003500

Ram-in electrode for moisture measurements in hardwood.

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The M 18 is a ram-in electrode for measuring wood moisture. It is based on the resistance principle of measurement and can be connected to all corresponding measuring devices.

The electrode is suitable for measuring the moisture in thick wood and in hardwood (up to 180 mm).

The user should put his palm on the top of the electrode to keep it in its position. Then it be rammed into the wood by moving the handle up and down.

Wood Moisture
Wood Moisture
The electrode can be used with all hydromettes based on the resistance measurement method.
Resistance-based measuring
Resistance-based measuring
Measuring Ranges
The measuring ranges of this electrode depend on the connected measuring device (base product).
Measuring the moisture content in timber up to a thickness of 180 mm.
Teflon-insulated electrode pins with 45 mm (order no. 4550) and 60 mm (order no. 4500) are available separately in order to detect the core moisture content to the exclusion of possible surface moisture.
  • The probe body is made of durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the electrode support is made of special plastic
  • Including 10 electrode pins of 40 and 60 mm in length
  • To detect the core moisture, excluding any existing surface moisture, teflon-insulated electrode pins with 45 and 60 mm in length are available separately

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