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The possibilities offered by (the) high-precision resistance-based measurement method and the non-destructive capacitive measuring method are now combined in one compact measuring instrument: the Hydromette BL A plus. It is perfectly suitable for determining the moisture content of sawn timber (up to 180 mm thick), chipboard and veneer. The Hydromette is equipped with a high-quality measuring amplifier and an OLED display. The new ResCap mode combines the accuracy of the resistance-based measurement method with the easy handling of the capacitive measuring mode.

The resistance-based measuring mode features a wood species selector for more than 300 species as well as a temperature compensation device, which is manually adjustable.

The capacitive measuring method enables fast measurement, for it is not necessary to drive any electrodes into the wood. Wood species correction is available for more than 50 species.

Limit values can be set freely. If a measured value crosses such a threshold, the meter will indicate this through a flashing LED.

The Hydromette BL A plus will be presented during the “LIGNA 2019” trade fair in Hannover (27th to 31th May).

Further information and technical data

The Hydromette® CH 17 is a multifunctional measuring instrument for measuring wood moisture, building moisture and air humidity as well as temperature and air velocity.

The robust touch display in combination with modern evaluation and storage possibilities enables a completely new variety of options.

In the field of wood moisture measurement, different resistance measurement electrodes are used depending on the thickness and texture of the wood. Thus precision measurements of sawn timber (up to 180 mm thickness), chipboard and OSB boards, veneers, wood chips and similar bulk materials are possible. The automatic temperature compensation corrects measured values depending on the wood temperature.

The capacitive measuring method is used for the non-destructive moisture measurement of building materials (e.g. screeds, mortars, plasters, concrete, bricks, thermal insulating materials). This time-saving application method is ideal for detecting leaks or for monitoring drying processes in new buildings or during renovation work.
Special resistance measurement electrodes are available for the creation of exact moisture profiles and for depth measurements in building materials for the various application purposes.

Humidity and air temperature are measured by RF-T and RH-T series probes that are equipped with high quality sensors.

In addition to air temperature, surface temperatures (based on Pt100 or infrared) and
material temperatures (also based on Pt100) can be measured.

In combination with the LG-25 BL air speed sensor, the Hydromette CH 17 is ideal for measuring the smallest air flows and is characterised by long-term stability, direction recognition and fast commissioning.
For clean room applications, a high-precision calibration for the range around 0.45 m/s is also possible.

With its various evaluation and storage options (especially in conjunction with the GANN Dialog Pro software), the device is an indispensable aid, e.g. for experts.
Hydromette® CH 17 also provides optimum support for all other occupational groups in the construction industry as it covers a wide range of requirements.

The Hydromette CH 17 will be presented during the “BAU 2019” trade fair in Munich (14th to 19th January). It will probably be available from March 2019.

Special brochure Hydromette CH 17

Further information and technical data

Hydromette BL LG 17

The BL LG 17 serves as the basic unit or indicating device respectively for the LG-25 BL air velocity electrode. It is equipped with a OLED display that allows  a new intuitive way of menu navigation.

Readings are displayed either as a numeric value or graphically as a line or bar diagram.

In the continuous measurement mode you can control an air flow over a period up to 30 minutes.

Moreover, the BL LG 17 calculates the volumetric flow if the square or circle of the flow channel has been defined before.

The precise GANN BL LG 17 in combination with the LG-25 BL air velocity probe with a measuring range of -2.5 to +2.5 m/s applies in the following fields: monitoring rooms, HVAC, blower door tests, laminar air flow control, food and pharmaceutical industry as well as cleanroom technology.


Additional specifications
- Correction of air velocity readings by entering the ambient pressure and air temperature into the BL LG 17
- Definition of individual measuring range limits with acoustic alarm signal when exceeded
- Operating languages: German and English
- Unit system: metric and imperial
- Min, Max and Hold functions for measured values
- Storage of the 5 recent measured values
- Power supply: a 9-volt battery is included.

Measuring range of the BL LG 17 with LG-25 BL air velocity electrode

Air velocity:             -2.5 to 2.5 m/s

Accuracy:                ±3 % of the measured value
                                    +2 % of lower and upper range limits;

Barometric pressure: 300 to 1100 mbar

Accuracy:                     ±1 mbar


Indication of even very low air flows and turnarounds in the range of -2.5 to +2.5 m/s displayed in a line diagram

Further information and technical data for Hydromette BL LG 17

LG-25 BL Air velocity probe

The probe is equipped with a telescopic handle, which makes it easy to reach spots that are difficult to access.
For continuous measurement  a standard camera holder is suitable for the fixation of the sensor.

Additional specifications
- Measurement medium: Clean air / nitrogen
- Length of cable: 1.8 m

Order options

Set 1: Basic unit Hydromette BL LG 17, air velocity electrode LG-25 BL, telescopic handle and carrying  case BK LG.
Order code 12121
Basic unit without accessory
Order code 12120 

Air velocity electrode LG-25 BL
Order code 13200

The BL Compact TF-IR 2 unit has sensors for surface temperature infrared measurements as well as for measuring air temperature, and air relative humidity.

This combination of the different measuring techniques enables the TF-IR 2 unit to be used for quickly and reliably assessing dew point undershoots or determining borderline conditions on surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors as well as on window or door lintels.

In addition to displaying the measured value, the unit creates an audible signal when a critical surface temperature is detected.
When using the unit in due time mould formation (fungal growth) may be prevented and occurrence of moistening caused by condensation may be assessed reliably.

The measuring sensor is exchangeable. There are four different TF sticks that distinguish through sensor accurancy and sensor filters.

The Hydromette BL Compact TF-IR 2 excels by the following technical enhancements and renewals, respectively:
-  The Hydromette BL Compact TF-IR 2 is supplied with the TF stick 16 K-25
-  Due to the use of TF sticks it is possible to choose which sensor is the most suitable for the respective ambient climate
- Several of these sensors (plug-in TF sticks) can be put in different places (environments). Thus, successive measurements in those places can be carried out more quickly, for long adaption times can be avoided (compared to a meter with a fixed sensor)

More information: technical information and accessories

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