Important note concerning calcium carbide

on Nov 10, 2020
New order numbers, warnings and transport regulations concerning calcium carbide

We have introduced new order numbers for our calcium carbide ampoules: 

Pack of 20 ampoules calcium carbide: 31003652 

Pack of 50 ampoules calcium carbide: 31003655 

Please note that packs of 100 ampoules are not available anymore. 

In the future there must be a label with warnings on each ampoule, which we will take care of upon dispatch. 
The label must be removed before the measurement is carried out. There is a non-stick flap on it to facilitate removal. If the label is not removed, the measurement may be affected.  

As per UN No. 1402, packaging group I, Class 4.3, transport category: 1, tunnel restriction code (B/E), calcium carbide is classified as a dangerous substance.

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