Structural Moisture

Brush Electrode Pair
M 25-100

Ref.Nr. 31003740
Brush electrode pair for measuring structural moisture in hard and soft building materials
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The brush electrode pair M 25-100 is used for the resistance-basedmoisture measurement in hard and soft building materials.

The handling is very simple: The brush heads are screwed into two pre-drilled holes and connected to the meter via a measuring cable. By performing measurements in layers moisture profiles of the test object (e.g. a wall) can easily be created.
The stainless steel brushes merge perfectly with the building material, no additional contact agent is needed.

The electrodes should always be used in pairs and optimally placed at a distance of approx. 8 - 10 cm from each other in the material to be measured.

Structural Moisture
Structural Moisture
The electrode pair can be used with all hydromettes based on the resistance measurement method.
Resistance-based measuring
Resistance-based measuring
Measuring Ranges
The measuring ranges of this electrode depend on the connected measuring device (base product).
Measuring moisture in set building materials without using a contact agent.
  • Measurements can be up to 10 cm depth, the sample holes (Ø 6 mm) must be pre-drilled
  • Including convenient turning aid for inserting into and removing from the material to be measured
  • The insulated stem prevents surface moisture from skewing the measuring result
  • The brush electrodes are made of durable and stainless steel
Base ProductCan be used with these hydromettes...

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