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16 K-25

Ref.Nr. 31003262
Plug-in humidity probe in a compact design.
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The 16 K-25 TF stick is used to measure humidity and air temperature.

The stick is pluggable, meaning that it can be plugged directly onto a measuring device and then behaves like a permanently installed sensor; but it can also be removed from the meter and be used via an extension cable directly in a building material for measurements.
Also measuring in hard-to-reach areas is simplified.

By using several TF sticks at different measuring points, long adaptation times can be avoided because the data can be retrieved quickly in succession.

Air Humidity
Air Humidity
Capacitive measuring
Capacitive measuring
Measuring Ranges
0 to 100 % R.H.
±1.8 (20 to 90 % R.H.) Sensor Accuracy
Air Temperature
Air Temperature
Band Gap
Band Gap
Measuring Ranges
-20 to 80 °C
±0.2 (10 to 60 °C) Sensor Accuracy
  • Compact humidity probe for various applications
  • Slim metal body (6.5mm diameter), requiring only a small diameter borehole
  • Without filter, thus very quick adaptation to ambient conditions
  • Suitable for use in low-emission air
  • Comes standard with Hydromette BL Compact TF-IR 2
Base ProductCan be used with these hydromettes...

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