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Humidity Probe
RH-T 37 EL 160

Ref.Nr. 31003140
Special probe for humidity and air temperature measurements.
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The RH-T 37 EL 160 is a probe for humidity und air temperature measurements - particularly suited for applications in bulk materials and solid materials (e.g. brickwork or screeds).
Its range of applications includes, among others, humidity analyses, damage survey, monitoring the drying of buildings, and checking whether floor or wall covers may be laid.

The probe pipe has a diameter of 5.5 mm which enables measurements in joints without having to accept damage to wall or floor tiles.

A Hydromette M 4050 unit can be used to measure air humidity in a drill hole and sorption isotherms can be used to determine the moisture content of certain set building materials or whether coatings can be applied to these building materials.

In order to obtain very precise measurements the device should have an adaptation period of approx. 10 - 15 minutes to compensate temperature differences between the sensor and the surrounding climate.

Air Humidity
Air Humidity
Capacitive measuring
Capacitive measuring
Measuring Ranges
0 to 100 % R.H.
±1.8 (10 to 90 % R.H.) Sensor Accuracy
Measuring humidity and air temperature, particularly in solid materials.
Air Temperature
Air Temperature
Band Gap
Band Gap
Measuring Ranges
-20 to 70 °C
±0.5 (-10 to 70 °C) Sensor Accuracy
  • Sensor pipe: 165 mm (length) and 5,5 mm (diameter)
  • Diaphragm filter for measuring in air containing dust, pollution, or high air flow velocity is standard equipment
Base ProductCan be used with these hydromettes...

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