Surface Temperature

Infrared Probe
IR 40 EL

Ref.Nr. 31003150
Infrared surface temperature probe.
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The IR 40 EL is an infrared probe that allows non-contact measurement of surface temperatures.

The probe is ideal for detecting thermal bridges in buildings, determining the dew point temperature, measuring live, moving or vibrating parts and determining the position of heating pipes.

Since the IR 40 EL operates on an infrared basis, parts with a low heat capacity (e.g. wood, glass, insulating materials, etc.) can be measured very well.

Surface Temperature
Surface Temperature
Infrared measurement
Infrared measurement
Measuring Ranges
-20 to 199.9 °C
±0.5 (0 to 60 °C) Sensor Accuracy
Non-contact measurement of surface temperatures.
  • With integrated laser pointer for measuring spot marking and adjustable emission factor from 20 - 100 %.
  • To measure metallic or reflective surfaces, we recommend using the matt black IR 30/E 95 stickers, otherwise incorrect measurements may be made.
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