Structural Moisture

Capacitive Probe for Structural Moisture
B 60

Ref.Nr. 31003760

Non-destructive measuring in building materials of any kind.

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The B 60 probe is an electronic structural moisture indicator for non-destructive measurements in building materials. The probe uses the capacitive radio frequency principle of measurement.

The versatile ball sensor is used to sense moisture in building materials of any kand as well as to determine the moisture distribution in walls, ceilings, and floors.

The B 60 probe is an ideal pre-tester for all CM measurments and resistance-based meters.

Structural Moisture
Structural Moisture
Capacitive measuring
Capacitive measuring
Measuring Ranges
0 to 199 digits
0.3 to 8.5 wt.-%
0.3 to 6.5 CM-%
Non-destructive moisture measurement in building materials of all types.
  • High penetration of up to 120 mm (depending on material density)
  • Built-in limit adjuster from 20 to 140 digits and beeper
Base ProductCan be used with these hydromettes...

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