Structural Moisture

Compact B

StandaloneRef.Nr. 30002030

Capacitive structural moisture meter

Compact B


The Compact B unit is an electronic structural moisture indicator for non-destructive building material moisture measurement. The meter uses the dielectric constant / radio frequency principle of measurement.
The versatile ball sensor is used to sense moisture in building materials of any kind as well as to determine the moisture distribution in walls, ceilings, and floors.

The Compact B unit is an ideal pre-tester for all CM measurments and resistance-based meters.

Measuring ranges

Capacitive measuring
Capacitive measuring
Measuring ranges
0 to 100 digits


  • Handy pocket-sized moisture measuring meter for fast single and series measurements

  • Scan mode (1 - 100 digits) for building materials, resolution: 1 digit

  • Automatic calibration when switching on the device

  • Power supply: a 9-volt battery is included

Length0.2 m0.656 ft (0.2 m)
Width0.035 m0.115 ft (0.035 m)
Height0.035 m0.115 ft (0.035 m)
Weight0.19 kg0.419 lb (0.19 kg)

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