Wood Moisture

Modification Set
M 20-DS 16-i

Ref.Nr. 31004311
For moisture measurements of wood fibre insulants with insulated electrode nuts
M 20-DS 16-i


The conversion kit M 20-DS 16-i is used for the measurement of moisture content of wood fibre insulants. It contains special insulated electrode nuts, which reduce the impact of surface moisture. If other electrode nuts are used, this may result in false readings. 

Measuring ranges

Wood Moisture

Wood Moisture

The modification set can be used with all hydromettes based on the resistance measurement method.
Resistance-based measuring
Resistance-based measuring
Measuring ranges
min.4 to max.100 % (dry mass)

The actual measuring range depends on the connected measuring instrument.

Show compatible measuring instruments


  • Durch isolierte Elektroden-Muttern wird der Einfluss von Oberflächenfeuchte bei der Messung verringert

Carrier SystemNeeds one of these carrier systems

12 Measuring instruments compatible2 Usecases
M 20

Compatible instrumentsCan be used with these measuring instruments

32 Electrodes selectable
CH 17
4 to 100 % (dry mass)
0 to 200 digits
0.3 to 8.5 wt.-%
0.3 to 6.5 CM-%
0.3 to 25 wt.-%
0.3 to 12 CM-%
0 to 100 % R.H.
±1.8 (10 to 90 % R.H.) Sensor Accuracy
-20 to 80 °C
±0.3 (0 to 60 °C) Sensor Accuracy
-40 to 380 °C
±0.5 (0 to 60 °C) Sensor Accuracy
-50 to 250 °C
-30 to 170 °C
-2,5 to 2,5 m/s
8 Electrodes selectable
BL H 41
5 to 40 % (dry mass)
4.5 to 45 % (dry mass)

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