Wood Moisture

Stick-in Electrode
M 19

Ref.Nr. 31003400
Electrode used for measuring moisture of finished thermal insulation composite systems
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The M 19 push-in electrode is used for measuring in finished thermal insulation composite systems

It is equipped with teflon insulated electrode pins (10 pieces 60 mm long are included in delivery). 

The electrode body is made out of an impact-resistant plastic. 

Wood Moisture
Wood Moisture
Resistance-based measuring
Resistance-based measuring
Measuring Ranges
The measuring ranges of this electrode depend on the connected measuring device (base product).
Measuring finished thermal insulation composite systems
Equipped with teflon insulated electrode pins.

Wood fibre insulants:

  • In combination with a Hydromette BL H 41 the moisture content of wood fibre insulants can be measured
  • The insulated electrode pins enable measuring even in plastered insulation boards


Thermal insulation composite systems:

Comparative measurements are possible with

  • EPS (expanded polystyrene) 
  • Mineral wood 
  • Mineral insulation boards 
  • XPS rigid foam 
  • PUR rigis foam 
  • Cellulose 
  • Perlite 
  • Hemp/Flax
Base ProductCan be used with these hydromettes...

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