Wood Moisture

BL H 41

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Wood moisture meter especially suitable for wood fiber insulation materials

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The BL H 41 unit is a resitance-basedmeasuring device for determining the moisture of wood and, in particular, of wood fiber insulating materials.

In co-operation with well-known manufacturers, GANN developed characteristic curves for a wide range of insulating materials in order to display the moisture content directly (in weight %). These curves are grouped according to the gross denstity of the material (in kg/m³) and the board manufacturing process (wet/dry).
For example, the Hydromette can be used to check a facade prior to plastering in order to ensure that future moisture-induced damage is avoided (e.g. flaking of plastering or lignin exudation).

In addition, the BL H 41 enables precise measurements of sawn timber (up to 180 mm in thickness), chipboards, and veneers before and after processing.

The Hydromette meter is equipped with a wood temperature compensation, which automatically adjusts the measured value to the set temperature (of the respective object).

This device is especially suited for everyone who processes or assesses wood fibre insulating materials, but also for joiner's workshops, parquet recliners and painting contractors.

Wood Moisture
Wood Moisture
Resistance-based measuring
Resistance-based measuring
Measuring Ranges
5 to 40 % (dry mass)
4.5 to 45 % (dry mass)
Electrodes & Sensors
M 18
M 1831003500
M 20
M 2031003300
M 20-OF 15
M 20-OF 1531004315
M 20-DS 16
M 20-DS 1631004310
M 20-HW 200
M 20-HW 20031004350
M 20-HW 300
M 20-HW 30031004355
M 19
M 1931003400
M 20-DS 16-i
M 20-DS 16-i31004311
  • Handy moisture measuring meter for fast single and series measurements with high-quality measuring amplifier
  • Direct readout of wood moisture in % on the large LCD display, resolution: 0.1 %
  • 6 characteristic curves for wood fibre insulating materials, grouped by gross density (kg/m³) and board manufacturing process (wet/dry)
  • 7-level wood species correction for more than 300 types of wood
  • Wood temperature compensation is done manually or automatically via the device/ambient temperature in the range from -10 to 40 °C
  • Min, Max and Hold functions for measured values
  • Storage of the 5 most recent measured values
  • Power supply: a 9-volt battery is included
Length0.175 m0.574 ft (0.175 m)
Width0.050 m0.164 ft (0.050 m)
Height0.030 m0.098 ft (0.030 m)
Weight0.160 kg0.353 lb (0.160 kg)

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