Note on the Hydromette BL E

Attention, important notice!

The information provided here to product information, measuring ranges, features and accessories refer to the Hydromette BL E from software version 2.00.
If you do not know which software version is installed on your meter, please contact our sales division.

Through a factory software update, it is possible to bring your Hydromette to the latest version.

Hydromette BL E

The BL E is a triple measuring instrument for wood moisture, structural moisture and temperature.
The device allows accurate measurements of wood, building and insulation materials according to the electrical resistance measuring method.

The wood moisture measuring circuit enables the measurement of lumber (up to 180 mm thick), chipboard and hardwood flooring.

The Hydromette is equipped with material specific settings for an automatic correction of readings for 23 building materials and insulants, for instance, screed, mortar, renders, concrete, brick and several insulants..

The connection of an B 55 BL active electrode enables the non-destructive moisture measurement and indication-in ceilings, walls, floors, and other building materials.

Measuring Range

Wood moisture:
5,5 - 58% (dry mass)

Structural moisture:

resistance-based measurements:
0,1 - 42,2 wt.-% or 0,2 - 9,9 CM-% depending on the material to be measured

capacitive measurements: (*)
0 - 200 digits scanning range

depending on the Pt100 temperature sensor between -50 to +350 °C

Infrared measuring range:
-40 to +380 °C with IR 40 BL

(*) = moisture conversion in % according to the building material using the conversion table in the operating manual


  • Handy pocket-sized high-speed measure meter for fast single and series measurements including a high-quality measuring amplifier
  • Direct indication of wood and structural moisture in wt.-% or CM-% for resistance-based measurements via a 3-line LCD, resolution: 0.1 % or 0.1° C;
    When connecting a B 55 BL the scan mode returns values ​​between 1-200 digits
  • 2-level wood species correction (characteristic curve groups 2 and 3) for automatic measurement value correction  
  • Rapid measurement of hardened building materials by the high-frequency capacitive measurement method using a B 55 BL active electrode
  • Precise measurement of temperature due to Pt 100 probes in 4-conductor technology
  • Min / Max and Hold functions for measured values
  • Storage of the latest 5 readings
  • Automatic unit shutdown

  • Optional: 5 characteristic curves can be programmed according to customer specifications

  • Power supply: 9 V dry cell
  • Size: 175 [L] x 50 [W] x 30 mm [H], weight approx. 160 g
    Total length: approx. 185 mm

Suitable Accessory

 wood moisture
 structural moisture
 material temperature
 general accessory

Suitable Replacement Parts and Additional Accessory

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