Hydromette UNI 2

The UNI 2 is an electronic and universal triple measuring instrument. A large range of GANN (active) electrodes can be connected with this device. Structural moisture, air humidity and temperature can be measured. A connection with the (active) electrodes that are listed below is possible:

  • B 50, B 60 and LB 70 for a non-destructive measurement of moisture and location of moisture in building materials
  • MB 35 for surface moisture measurements on concrete
  • MH 34 for measurement of high moisture values (40 - 200 % m.c.) in conifers
  • IR 40 EL for surface temperature measurement, thermal bridging and dew point
  • RF-T 28, RF-T 31, RH-T 37 EL and RH-T 37 EL flex for air humidity- and air temperature measurement
  • as well as all Pt 100 probes of our range of temperature sensors

Moreover all of the strucural moisture measuring electrodes can be connected as long as they are based on the resistance measuring principle

The Hydromette is especially applicable for air-conditioning technicians, water damage revisers and insurance companies. It can be used as an additional device for wood moisture meters.

Measuring Range

Structural materials:
0 - 80 digits (conversion into % of dry weight by graph)
0 - 199 digits (scanning range) with probes B 50, B 60 and LB 70
0.3 - 8.5 % of dry weight by conversion table using probes B 50, B 60 and LB 70
0.3 - 6.5 % CM with probes B 50, B 60 and LB 70 by conversion table
2 - 8 % m.c. with probe MB 35 for surface moisture measurement on concrete
5 - 98 % R.H. using probe RH-T 37 EL (conversion into % of dry weight by sorption isotherms)

40 - 200 % m.c. with probe MH 34 in conifers

5 - 98 % R.H. depending on RF-T probe

-200° - +600° C depending on Pt 100 probe
-20° - +199,9° C including infrared IR 40 EL probe


  • Handy quick moisture meter for fast single and series measurements
  • Direct displaying of moisture content via digital LCD, resolution: 0.1 digit
  • Fast measurement of moisture in hardened building materials due to the resistance based measuring method and the capacitive high-frequency measuring method
  • Precise measurement of temperature due to Pt 100 probes in 4-conductor technology
  • Fully automatic instrument setting

  • Power supply by 9 V dry cell
  • Dimensions: 140 [L] x 90 [W] x 42/50 mm [H], weight approx. 230 g

Suitable Accessory

 structural moisture
 air humidity
 air temperature
 material temperature
 surface temperature
 general accessory

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