Hydromette HB 30

The Hydromette HB 30 is an electronic moisture meter for wood and set building materials based on the electrical resitance measurement principle. It is designed for precise measurements of sawn timber (up to 180 mm thick), particleboards, parquet flooring and hardened builing materials.

Due to the access of highly diverse active electrodes in the field of structural moisture, the device reaches a high range of flexibilty and is eligible of non-destructive measurements.
Moreover, the temperature on the surface can be measured with the help of an infrared sensor.

The HB 30 is especially applicable for parquet layers, interior constructors and carpenters.

Measuring Range

4 - 30 % moisture content (m.c.) based on the resistance measuring method

Structural materials:
0 -80 digits (conversion into % of dry weight depending on building materials)
0 - 199 digits (scanning range) with electrodes B 50, B 60 and LB 70
0.3 - 8.5 % of dry weight with electrodes B 50, B 60 and LB 70 by conversion table
0.3 - 6.5 % CM with probe B 50, B 60 and LB 70 by conversion table
2 - 8 % of dry weight on testing surfaces with electrode MB 35

-20° - +199,9° C with infrared IR 40 EL probe


  • Handy quick moisture meter for fast single and series measurements
  • Direct displaying of moisture content via a digital LCD, resolution: 0.1 % m.c.
  • Two-step wood species selector for an automatic correction of measured values
  • Fully automatic instrument setting

  • Power supply by 9 V dry cell
  • Dimensions: 140 [L] x 90 [W] x 42/50 mm [H], weight approx. 230 g

Suitable Accessory

 wood moisture
 structural moisture
 surface temperature
 general accessory

Suitable Replacement Parts and Additional Accessory

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