Data logger Klima 30

The Klima 30 data logger is a mobile storage unit for recording air temperature and air humidity data and is specifically designed to be used for long-term monitoring.
The measured values are saved in user-defined time intervals (between 5 sec and 6 h) along with the date and time. They are stored in the internal memory of the device.

Additionally, an external temperature probe can also be connected to the Klima 30, so material or core temperature measurements can be carried out.

The programming and reading out of the data logger is done via the user-friendly software DIALOG D+. Among other things, the stored values can be displayed and printed as a table or as graphic.

The data logger is ideally suited for tracking the climate in residential or working rooms, museums, or warehouses.

The logger is not designed for outdoor use or constantly high air humidity and thus, it is not recommended to do so.

The device is delivered completely with a battery and packaging; however, the software is not included.

Measuring Range

Air Humidity:
0 to 100% R.H.
±1,8% R.H. (10 to 90% R.H.) (*)


Air temperature:
-30 to +70 °C
±0,3 °C (+10 to +40 °C) (*)

Material temperature:
-50 to +125 °C
±0,5 °C (0 to +40 °C) (*)

(*) = sensor accuracy


  • Handy hygrometer whose precision sensor is housed in an external protective tube and thereby responds much faster to changes in ambient climate
  • Connection of an external temperature sensor for measurement of material and core temperatures
  • Resolution: 0,1 °C; 0,1%
  • With USB interface for data exchange with a PC and the programming of the data logger
  • Memory capacity: 50,000 sets of measurement data (both air temperature and humidity) with date and time for each record
  • Measuring cycle: 5 sec to 6 h adjustable by software
  • Min, max threshold function: is programmed via PC software, an exceeding or undershooting is signaled by an LED on the data logger

  • Power supply: 3 V lithium battery (CR 2032)
  • Housing dimensions: 81 [L] x 57 [W] x 21 mm [H], weight approx. 60 g
    Total length: approx. 112 mm

  • Optional: software package DIALOG D +, with this program, the stored measurement data are transferred to an IBM-compatible PC.
    There, the further evaluation takes place as well as the print out of the data. The values are displayed in a tabular or a graphical form.
    For each record the date and time of measurement are displayed as well as the dew point and moisture equilibrium (EMC).

Suitable Accessory

 material temperature
 general accessory

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