ram-in electrode M 18

The ram-in electrode M 18 is designed for wood moisture measurements.
The electrode can be used along with all Hydromettes which are based on the resistance measurement principle.

Put your flat hand on the top of the electrode and make sure that it is in a stable position. Atferwards, the handle piece is rammed in the material to be measured with hammering movements.

In the delivery included are 10 spare pins, with a length of 40 and 60 mm.

  • Perfectly suitable for measurements in depth of timber up to 180 mm thick and hard woods
  • The electrode is made of robust and corrosion-resistant V2A
  • In order to obtain the moisture content of the core in timber, teflon insulated pins can be delivered separately either 45 mm (ref. nr. 4550) or 60 mm (ref. nr. 4500) long.

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