drive-in electrode M 20

The drive-in electrode M 20 can be directly used for measuring the moisture content of timber and structural moisture.
The electrode is applicable for all kinds of Hydromettes which are based on the resistance measuring principle. The electrode body is made out of an impact-resitant plastic.

Included in the delivery are 10 spare pins, with a length of 16 and 23 mm long

Measuring range timber:

  • Suitable for measuring the moisture content in timber up to a thickness of 50 mm
  • With the help of a hammer the electrode can also be driven into hard woods, like beech

Measuring range structural materials:

  • Suitable for measuring the moisture content in soft, set building materials (e.g. plaster and gypsum)
  • Usable for depth measurements in porous concrete etc.; up until a depth of 70 mm electrode pins with a length of 60 mm (ref. no. 4660) can be used

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