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Under the menu item Electronic Moisture Meters you can find portable measuring instruments, which are capable of conducting all kinds of measurements in the fields of wood moisture, structural moisture, air humidity and temperature - you can find a large selection of Gann HYDROMETTES from compact quick moisture meters tp microprocessor-controlled allrounders, with which you will succeed in your field of application.


In the field of CM Moisture Analyzers you can findportable measuring instruments that can conduct measuring checks via the calcium carbide method - it can be used for newly applied screed tp inspect whether the material is ready to be laid or for advisory inspection in the event of damage.


Our Data Loggers offer you a special category of portable measuring instruments, which are designed for long-term measurments of temperature and air humidity.

Besides portable solutions we want to offer you our stationary installations in the field of Measuring and Control Systems to operate and regulate timber drying kilns - benefit from the knowledge that Gann company has collected over the past 50 years in the field of timber drying!


You need an automatic moisture control before, during and after a continuous production process? - You should not miss out our Sequential Intermittent Systems. These stationary installations can, for instance, be used for the licensed bonded wood industry and is approved by the Otto-Graf-Institute in Stuttgart.


In case you prefer a non-fully automatic drying, you can find stationary auxiliary installations in the category Manual Drying Monitoring, which can regulate timber drying processes manually, i.e. they can be conducted and monitored without using a controlling system.

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