Hydromette Compact S

The Compact S is an electronic wood mositure meter which is used for wood fuels with average calibration including both soft- and hardwood with a large three-digit LCD. The pins on top of the device enable a moisture measurement for wood up to 30 mm thick.

The Compact S is an ideal and reasonably prized moisture meter if used for

  • environment protection due to lower waste gas emission
  • protection of the stove and chimney by improved combustion
  • savings in heating energy by improved exploitation of solid fuels


The device is delivered fully equipped including battery, spare pins and protective cap.

Measuring Range

10 - 50 % wood m.c.


  • Handy, rapid-action moisture indicator in pocket size for fast single and series measurements
  • Separate electrodes or cables are not required
  • Fully automatic adjustment of the indicator

  • Power supply by 9 V dry cell
  • Dimensions: 200 [L] x 35 [W] x 35 mm [H], weight approx. 130 g

Suitable Replacement Parts and Additional Accessory

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