Hydromette Compact B

The Compact B is an electronic structural moisture indicator based on a non-destructive dielectric constant measuring or high frequency measuring method.
The indicator is equipped with a digital LCD and a universally applicable ball sensor for a non-destructive location of moisture concentration in all kinds of building materials as well as for assessment of moisture distribution in walls, ceilings, floor finish, and other set building materials.

The Compact B is especially applicable for parquet layers and floor tillers in combination with a measure meter using the carbide method.

The device is delivered fully equipped including a battery.

Measuring Range

Structural materials:
0 - 100 Digits


  • Handy, rapid-action moisture indicator in pocket size for single and series measurements
  • Ideal pre-tester for all moisture analysers using the carbide method
  • Fully automatic adjustment of the indicator
  • No separate measuring electrodes or cables required

  • Power supply by 9 V dry cell
  • Dimensions: 200 [L] x 35 [W] x 35 mm [H], weight approx. 190 g

Suitable Replacement Parts and Additional Accessory

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