Hydromette BL UNI 11

The BL UNI 11 unit is an electronic multi-purpose meter for three measured values to which a number of blue series electrodes and TF sticks can be connected. Electrodes and TF sticks for measuring structural moisture, air humidity, and temperature may be connected.

The Auto Sensor Technology used by the BL UNI 11 enables the Hydromette to automatically detect the electrode / TF stick connected and to adapt the measured value readout to the respective sensor type. If a TF stick (either directly or using the MK 18 connecting cable) and another electrode (e.g. B 55 BL) are connected at the same time, the meter will always show the measuring values obtained with the TF stick. 

The following BL electrodes may be connected:

  • B 55 BL for non-destructive measurement and display of moisture in ceilings, walls, floors, or other building materials
  • RF-T 28 BL, RH-T 37 BL and RH-T 37 BL flex for air humidity and air temperature measurement
  • TF stick 16 K-21, TF stick 16 K-25, TF stick 16 K-25 M and TF stick 16 K-25 P for air humidity and air temperature measurement
  • TF-IR BL for measuring climate (air humidity and temperature), infrared surface temperature for early detection of potential mould formation (fungal growth) as well as dew point temperature
  • ET 10 BL, OT 100 BL, TT 40 BL (Pt100 sensors) for different temperature measuring tasks such as measuring solids, liquids or bulk materials, surface measurements or measurements of hot air containing dust

The Hydromette unit is especially applicable for air-conditioning technicians, water damage revisers and insurance companies. It can be used as an additional device for wood moisture meters.

Measuring Range

The Hydromette unit is capable of managing the measuring range ot the respective connected BL electrode. Detailed information on the specifications of the individual electrodes can be found on the respective info page. In summary, the following measuring ranges can be indicated:

Structural Moisture:

Capacitive measurements: (*)
0 to 199 digits (scanning range)
0,3 to 8,5 wt.-% or 0,3 to 6,5 CM-% using B 55 BL

Air relative humidity in drilling hole: (*)
5 - 98% R.H. or 0,2 to 3,7 wt.-% using RH-T 37 BL and RH-T 37 BL flex

Air Humidity:
0 to 100% R.H. using RF-T 28 BL, TF-IR BL, RH-T 37 BL and RH-T 37 BL flex

-50° to +250° C depending on the Pt100 temperature sensor

Air Temperature:
-20° to +70° C using RF-T 28 BL, TF-IR BL, RH-T 37 BL and RH-T 37 BL flex

-20° to +80° C using TF stick 16 K-21, TF stick 16 K-25, TF stick 16 K-25 M and TF stick 16 K-25 P

Infrared measuring range:
-40° to +380° C using TF-IR BL
Emissivity adjustable from 20 to 100%

(*) = direct readout of the moisture values in % according to the building material


  • Handy pocket-sized high-speed measure meter for fast single and series measurements
  • Simultaneous readout of three measured values as well as direct readout of the structural moisture in wt.-% or CM-% on the 3-line LCD display, resolution: 0.1% or 0.1 °C
  • Quick measurement of moisture in set building materials using the capacitive radio-frequency measuring technique
  • The high temperature measurement precision is achieved by Pt100 platinum measuring resistors connected in 4-wire technology
  • Audible alarm in case a user-defined limit is exceeded (using B 55 BL) or intermittent alert signal in case case dew point threshold regions are reached (using TF-IR BL)
  • By using several pluggable TF sticks in different places (environments) successive measurements in those places can be carried out more quickly and long adaption times can be avoided (compared to a meter with a fixed sensor)
  • Automatic calibration during power up of the device (using B 55 BL)
  • Min / Max and Hold functions for measured values
  • Storage of the 5 most recent measured values
  • Automatic unit shutdown

  • Power supply: 9 V dry cell
  • Size: 175 [L] x 50 [W] x 30 mm [H], weight approx. 160 g
    Total length: approx. 175 mm

Suitable Accessory

 structural moisture
 air humidity
 air temperature
 material temperature
 surface temperature
 general accessory

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