infrared surface temperature probe IR 40 EL

The active electrode IR 40 EL is a special sensor, which is used to measure the surface temperature.
The electrode works on basis of contactless infrared technology and therefore is the ideal device to measure things that have a low heat capacity (e.g. wood, glass, insulating materials, etc.). 

The IR 40 EL can be used together with the Hydromettes M 4050, RTU 600, UNI 1, UNI 1 and HB 30.

  • An ideal sensor for detection of heat bridges, determination of dew point temperature, measurement of live, moving and vibrating components as well as localization of heating coils.
  • With the help of the integrated laser pointer the position of the spot to be measured can be indicated
  • Contactless temperature measurement in the range of -20° - +199.9° C; (with Hydromette M 4050: 0° - +199° C), resolution 0.1° C
  • Fixed emission degree: 0,95
  • The diameter of the spot to be measured increases/decreases due to the altering distances to the measuring object in a ratio of 6:1. This means that the spot to be measured has a diametzer of approx. 46 mm (*) by a given distance of 250 mm fron the object

  • For measurements on metallic or reflecting surfaces we highly recommend the matt-black stickers IR 30/E 95; not using the sticker might result in false measurement results

(*) = Right in front of the sensor the spot to be measured has a size of 5 mm

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