Active electrode TF-IR BL

The TF-IR BL is a combined electrode that can be used to simultaneously perform climate measurements (air humidity and temperature) and infrared surface temperature measurements.

This combination of the different measuring techniques enables the TF-IR BL unit to be used for quickly and reliably assessing dew point undershoots or determining borderline conditions on surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors as well as on window or door lintels.

When using the unit in due time mould formation (fungal growth) may be prevented and occurence of moistening caused by condensation may be assessed reliably.

  • The position of the measuring spot can be exactly identified using the built-in laser pointer
  • Emissivity adjustable from 20 to 100%
  • Automatic calculation of dew point temperature, equilibrium wood moisture content (EMC) as well as air absolute humidity readout in g/m³
  • In addition to displaying the measured value, the unit creates an audible signal when a critical surface temperature is detected:
    • The shorter the signal intervals are, the more closely the dew point temperature is approached and the more vulnerable the area in question is for mould formation (fungal growth) or infestation
    • A continuous sound indicates the acute danger of mould formation: In cases of dew point undershots water from the air can condense in that area
  • For measurements on metallic or reflecting surfaces we highly recommend the matt-black stickers IR 30/E 95; not using the sticker might result in false measurement results
  • Telescopic tube (ref. no. 6040) to reach spots that are hard to access - there is no need to bend down or to use a ladder anymore (see picture on the left)


Air Humidity:
0 to 100% R.H.
± 2% R.H. (20 to 80% R.H.) (*)


Air Temperature:
-20 to +70 °C
± 0,5 °C (-10 to +60 °C) (*)

Infrared measuring range:
-40 to +380 °C
± 0,5 °C (0 to +60 °C), at ambient temperature 0 to +50 °C (*)

(*) = sensor accuracy

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