TF Stick 16 K-21

With the TF stick 16 K-21 it is possible to measure the temperature and air relative humidity in many applications (e.g. residential space, air conditioning, printing shops, warehouses, museums).

The TF stick 16 K-21 is the standard stick that is delivered together with the Hydromette BL Compact TF 3

  • With PTFE filter for protection in case of wet conditions

Measuring ranges of the TF Stick 16 K-21:

Air Humidity:
0 to 100% R.H.
± 3,0% R.H. (20 to 80% R.H.) (*)

-20 to +80 °C
± 0,5 °C  (0 to +60 °C) (*)

(*) = sensor accuracy

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