active electrode RH-T 37 EL 320

The active electrode RH-T 37 EL 320 is a special sensor used for the measurements of air temperature and air humidity. The device is especially designed for measurements in bulk and solid materials (e.g. masonry or screed).
It can be used together with the Hydromettes M 4050, RTU 600, UNI 1 and UNI 2.

  • Perfectly suitable for moisture analyses, appraisal of damage and the dehumidification industry due to the thin probe. The electrode also checks whether floor and wall surfaces are ready to be laid
  • The tube of the probe has a length of approx. 320 mm and a diameter of 5.5 mm which enables measurements in joints without risking a damage of the wall- and floor tiles
  • With the Hydromette M 4050 the air humidity in the borehole can be measured. Via sorption isotherms the moisture content of certain set building materials can be determined, which enables the user to check whether the respective material is ready for further procedures, e.g. laying parquet
  • In order to obtain very precise measurements the device should have an adaptation period of approx. 10 - 15 minutes to compensate temperature differences
  • Measuring range of the RH-T 37 EL: 0° - +70° C and 5 - 98 % RH
  • Accuracy of sensor:
    • +/- 2 % (measuring range: 10 - 90 % RH)
    • +/- 0,5° C (temperature range: 0° - +50° C)

  • The active electrode is equipped, as a standard, with a membrane filter for measurements in dust containing air, pollutant emission and high air speeds

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