deep electrodes M 21-250

The deep electrodes M 21-250 were designed to measure the moisture content in structural moisture; in particular for deep measurements of all kinds of building materials.
The electrodes are applicable for all kinds of Hydromettes which are based on the resistance measuring principle.

  • Measurements up until a depth of 25 cm are possible; the sample holes have to be prebored with a drill 10 mm Ø
  • With the help of the electrodes a profile of the moisture content of the material to be measured can be compiled by measuring in layers
  • The scale on the outer tubes of the electrodes are 1 cm apart. They serve as an indicator for the depth in which a measurement is taken
  • The insulated shank prohibits an unwilling interference of the measurement result
  • The electrodes have to be used in pairs and ideally there is a space of 10 cm between the two electrodes
  • In order to ensure the conductivity between the material to be measured and the electrode pins, contact paste has to be used

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