stick-in electrode M 6

The stick-in electrodes M 6 can be directly used for measuring the structural moisture content. Furthermore, it serves as a basic system for many other electrodes, which are listed below.
The pair of electrodes is applicable for all kinds of Hydromettes which are based on the resistance measuring principle.

Included in the delivery are 10 spare pins 40 and 60 mm long.

  • For measuring hard, set building materials (e.g. concrete or screed)
  • The electrodes have to be used in pairs and ideally there is a space of 10 cm between the two electrodes when they are stuck into the material
  • In order to ensure the conductivity betwenn the material to be measured and the electrode pins, contact paste has to be used

Additionally, the electrode holders serve as a basic system for other electrode pairs, i.e. the probes that are listed below can only be used in conjunction with a pair of stick-in electrodes M 6:

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