pair of brush electrodes M 25-300

The pair of brush electrodes M 25-300 can be used to measure the content of structural moisture in hard and soft building materials.
The electrodes are applicable for all Hydromettes that are based on the resistance measuring principle.

  • Measurements up until a depth of 30 cm are possible; the sample holes have to be prebored with a drill 6 mm Ø
  • With the help of the electrodes a profile of the moisture content of the material to be measured can be compiled by measuring in layers
  • To use, simply grasp the notched plastic knob and twist into the material in a clockwise direction. When removing, twist them counter-clockwise to avoid distortion of the brush
  • The steel brushes allow for optimum contact to the building material to be measured, so additional contact paste is not needed
  • The insulated shank prevents unintended influences on the measurement result
  • The brush electrodes are made of resistant and stainless V2A
  • The electrodes have to be used in pairs and ideally there is a space of 10 cm between them

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