Hydromat DMT 8

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GANN HYDROMAT DMT-8 Automatic moisture control before, during and after continuous production processes. The measuring, recording and control system GANN HYDROMAT DMT- 8 measures the moisture content of solid wood in form of boards using a pneumatically operated measuring station and electronic signal amplifiers. Measurements are taken intermittently in cadence with a follow-ing processing machine, where the board is stopped for a short moment. The complete measuring and control system HYDROMAT DMT- 8 in standard design consists of a measuring and control unit, based on micro-processor technology, with touch-screen display for read-out and input, mounted in a 19-inch switch cabinet, a signal amplifier unit mounted in a steel-sheet box with emergency/safety switch, a height adjustable electrode support with pneu- matically operated measuring electrode as well as a connecting cable.1.5 m long.

The GANN HYDROMAT DMT- 8 measuring system meets the requirements of the norms EN 14080:2013 (glued laminated timber, balcony glulam) as well as EN 15497:2014 (finger-jointed solid wood) for spruce, pine, larch and Douglas fir. It is officially approved for the licensed bonded-wood industry in its version for intermittent operation and Materials Testing Institute for the Building Trade (Otto-Graf-Institute) associated to the University of Stuttgart. A test certificate issued by this Institution can be provided on request.

Measuring Range

The principle of the measuring, recording and control system HYDROMAT DMT-8 is based on the electrical resistance measuring method. Measurements are taken in conjunction with electronic signal amplifiers by a pneumatically operated measuring station on passing-through boards in intermittent operation. Up to two measuring stations can be connected to the measuring system.

The complete measuring system consists of a switch cabinet with glazed front door and incorporated measuring unit, one measuring station with height adjustable support , a pneumatically operated electrode with interchangeable 4-pin electrode attachment for penetration measurement, as well as on measuring cable MK 10 and one amplifier unit with emergency/safety switch.

The control system is equipped with a touch-screen unit for combined input and readout function for

  • digital display of measured wood moisture content, measuring range 5-25 % wood moisture content,
  • input of minimum and maximum limit values for determining the permissible moisture range
  • 2 LEDs for each measuring station for classification of readings outside the permis-sible moisture range: yellow = too dry, red = too moist

For changing the 4-pin electrode attachment or individual pins and for readjustment of the system, the measuring electrode can be lowered via a special panel of the touch-screen.

If measuring systems are not designed for use in the licensed bonded-wood industry regularly inspected by the FMPA Stuttgart, they can be equipped with a wood species selector in the amplifier box. It permits automatic species related correction of the readings.

Special Equipment

If the reading are to be recorder in tabular or graphical shape, the Hydromat DMT-8 can be equipped with an ink jet printer. In this case the measuring unit and the printer are housed in a common larger cabinet, also equipped with a glazed front door.

The measuring system is fitted with outlets for a sorting or colour marking device or an external signal display (red/green) as well as an acoustic signal generator.

Technical modifications reserved


Important features and technical specifications

  • Control cabinet, H212 mm x W600 mm x D415 mm
  • Weight 25kg
  • Current supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz, 60 VA
  • Separate amplifier box
  • Measuring system, weight 45kg

[Technical modifications reserved]

Suitable Accessory

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Suitable Replacement Parts and Additional Accessory

Electrode pin for DMT - 22 mm (1420)

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