Hydromat MPP-5

GANN HYDROMAT MPP-5, this slave computer is completely identical with the Hydromat TK-MP 501 with the exception of the lacking touch-screen display. For data input and display the central computer Hydromat TK-MP 4032 is required. In a multiple control system for up to 32 timber drying kilns, slave computers MPP-5 and stand-alone computers TK-MP 501 can be used, also in mixed configuration with other GANN computer controllers.

Measuring Range

Standard Features:

  • 8 wood moisture measuring points and one each EMC and temperature measuring point
  • Modules are connected via digital CAN bus with the control unit.

Optional Features:
  • Up to 16 wood moisture measuring points can be provided, optionally also as wireless measuring points.
  • Supplementary equipment for reversing type dry kilns
  • Variable fan speed control (if kiln is equipped with a frequency converter)
  • Also available in rack-type design for installation in a 19-inch control cabinet or panel



Important features and technical specifications

  • Control cabinet, H215 mm x W600 mm x D415 mm
  • Weight 25kg
  • Current supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz, 60 VA
  • Separate amplifier box for easy installation of the controller away from the dry kiln,
  • Software with drying schedules for more than 250 species of wood and for wood thicknesses between 20 mm and 140 mm

[Technical modifications reserved]

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