GANN HYDROMAT TK-MP 4032, multiple Dry Kiln Control System. State-of-the-art microprocessor- based control system for up to 32 timber dry kilns. It consists of the central unit MPC 4032, a colour monitor and a keyboard as well as one peripheral computer MPP-5 for comfortable fully automatic wood moisture or time based control of the drying process. Alternatively, the stand-alone controllers TK-MP 301 and 501 can also be used in this system, either for fully (301 and 501) or for semi-automatic (301 + 501) control, also in mixed configuration.

Measuring Range

Standard Features:

  • Terminals for connection of 4 peripheral computer controllers MPP-5
  • Periodical printout of the momentary drying state in all kilns
  • Display of continuously updated MC, EMC and temperature progress
  • Storage of all data representing the drying progress in each kiln.

Optional Features:
  • Remote input and display of all data via phone line by means of modems
  • Extension for connection of 8 or 16 peripheral control units
  • Equipment for network operation in conjunction with other PCs, for data input and display also from other terminals


Important features and technical specifications

  • Central Computer MPC 4032, Keyboard and Mouse
  • Weight 25kg
  • Current supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz, 60 VA
  • Operating System Windows XP
  • Software with drying schedules for more than 250 species of wood and for wood thicknesses between 20 mm and 140 mm

[Technical modifications reserved]

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