Hydromat TK-MP 301

GANN HYDROMAT TK-MP 301, Compact Computer Controller. The intelligent and most advanced solution of controlling fully and semi-automatically small and medium sized timber dry kilns, no matter if conventional or dehumidification dryers are concerned. The outstanding features of this new dry kiln controller are its versatility, the unsurpassed procedure of controlling kiln drying timber as dictated by the drying behaviour of the wood, its compact design and the very simple operation, and . . . . . its reasonable price.

Control Method:

Proportional or ON-OFF control adjustable for heat valve and damper actuator. Control of humidification adjustable for steam or water spraying.

Measuring Range

Standard Features:

  • 4 wood moisture measuring points and one each EMC and temperature measuring point
  • Illuminated 4-line LCD matrix readout
  • Manual control of all final control elements feasible via keypad inputs

Optional Features:
  • Package of additional four wood moisture measuring points
  • Supplementary equipment for reversing type dry kilns
  • Interface for connection of a dot matrix printer
  • Variable fan speed control (if kiln is equipped with a frequency converter)
  • Also available in rack-type design for installation in a 19-inch control cabinet


Important features and technical specifications

  • Control cabinet, H215 mm x W600 mm x D415 mm
  • Weight 25kg
  • Current supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz, 60 VA
  • Separate amplifier box for easy installation of the controller away from the dry kiln,
  • Software with drying schedules for more than 250 species of wood and for wood thicknesses between 20 mm and 140 mm

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