Hydromette M 4050

The M 4050 is an electronic measure meter for structural moisture, wood moisture, air humidity and temperature. The meter uses microprocessor-based technology including data storage and an option for connection with a computer or printer.

The Hydromette enables fast and precise measurements based on the resistance and DC-principle. Due to embedded calibration curves the measured values can be directly displayed in % of dry weight or CM. The active electrodes that are listed below can be connected:

  • B 50, B 60 and LB 70 for a non-destructive measurement of moisture and location of moisture in building materials
  • MB 35 for surface moisture measurements on concrete
  • MH 34 for measurement of high moisture values (40 - 200 % m.c.) in conifers
  • IR 40 EL for surface temperature measurement, thermal bridging and dew point
  • RF-T 28, RF-T 31, RH-T 37 EL and RH-T 37 EL flex for air humidity and air temperature measurement
  • as well as all Pt 100 probes of our range of temperature sensors

The M 4050 is especially applicable for painters, interior constructors, parquet layers, parquet flooring industry, wood working industries, artificial drying kilns, construction companies, architects, authorized experts, housing enterprises and administrative bodies for structural engineering and licensed bonded wood industries.

Measuring Range

5 - 100 % m.c. by using the resistance measuring method
40 - 200 % m.c. with probe MH 34 in coniferous wood

Structural materials:
0 - 199 digits (scanning range) with probes B 50, B 60 and LB 70
0.3 - 25 % of dry weight or 0.3 - 12 CM-% with direct display depending on the material tested
2 - 8 % of dry weight of surface moisture on concrete with active electrode MB 35
0.2 - 3.7 % of dry weight directly display with converted sorption isotherms
5 - 98 % R.H. using probe RH-T 37 EL (conversion into % of dry weight by sorption isotherms)

Air humidity:
5 - 98 % R.H. depending on RF-T probe

-30° - +170° C depending on Pt 100 probe
0° - +169,9° C with infrared IR 40 EL probe


  • Storing capacity for up to 3000 wood moisture and temperature readings including date and time
  • Direct display of moisture content in % of dry weight or CM via digital LC-matrix-display including set curves of materials, resolution: 0.1 %
  • Memorized, individual characteristic curves for over 250 wood species and more than 20 building materials
  • Fully automatic compensation of temperature of measured wood moisture values using a temperature probe or via keyboard
  • Special calibration for licensed bonded wood industries (DIN 1052) is approved by the Otto-Graf institute in Stuttgart
  • Precise measurement of temperature due to Pt 100 probes in 4-conductor technology
  • Fast measurement of moisture content in hardened building materials due to the resistance measuring principle and non-destructive location of structural moisture due to the capacitive high-frequency measuring principle
  • A computer or printer can be connected directly for further data processing
  • Statistical evaluation of measured values of min, max and mean values including standard deviation

  • Power supply by 9 V dry cell
  • Dimensions: 190 [L] x 115 [W] x 56 mm [H], weight approx. 460 g

Suitable Accessory

 wood moisture
 structural moisture
 air humidity
 air temperature
 material temperature
 surface temperature
 general accessory

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