Hydromat CM-P Pro

The Hydromat CM-P Pro is a device for determining the dampness of hardened building materials and various other materials using the calcium carbide method. The use of this measuring technique is recommended by various specialist associations for a range of measurement tasks and has thus been well known for years in practice alongside electrical measurement.

The Hydromat CM-P Pro is easy to use. All measurements can be made directly on the object using the tools contained in the carrying case and enable rapid information to be obtained concerning the current state of dampness.

The case set is more extensively equipped however. Amongst other things it contains the Hydromette Compact B moisture indicator to reduce the number of individual CM measurements necessary, to scan larger surfaces quickly and efficiently and to achieve a significantly higher level of test reliability. The preliminary test unit works non-destructively using a high frequency field.

By means of the useful pestle, the material under test can be crushed and quickly prepared directly in the pressure flask while preserving the dampness.

The decision as to whether a floor or wall surface is ready for covering, for example, can be made immediately.

So the CM-P Pro is particularly suited for parquet reclining or floor tiling contractors, construction companies, architects, or surveyors.

The case set Hydromat CM-P Pro is compliant with DIN 18560-4:2012-06

Measuring Range

Structural Moisture:
0.30 to 7.50 CM-% using gauge readout
0.14 to 22.90 CM-% using conversion table


  • Particularly compact pressure cylinder
  • Specially shaped cylinder bottom
  • Variable sealing system
  • Small sample quantity (e.g. 20/50 g)
  • Case size: approx. 500 [L] x 420 [W] x 125 mm [H]
  • Weight of case: complete approx. 8.960 kg

The complete case set includes:
  • Pressure cylinder with lid and PREMIUM gauge
  • Manual pestle
  • 20 calcium carbide vials
  • 5 test water vials
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective glasses
  • Debris tray
  • Digital timer
  • 20 PE bags
  • Flat chisel
  • 1000 g mallet
  • Paint brush
  • Duster
  • Bottle brush
  • Elektronische scale
  • Weighing tray
  • Ball set
  • Sample spade
  • Replacement gaskets
  • Operating insructions
  • Carrying case P and
  • Hydromette Compact B structural moisture pre-tester (order code 2030)

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