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The BL Compact B 2 is an electronic building moisture indicator for a non-destructive measurement of moisture in building materials.

The Hydromette uses the dielectric constant measuring / high frequency principle. The ball probe can be applied flexibly and is used for the detection of moisture in all kinds of building materials. It is also suitable for checking the dispersion of moisture in walls, ceilings and floors.

The Hydromette has an audible alarm, which will resound if the values exceed the limit. Limits for the building materials can be set individually. The "hold"-function enablesan easier measurement for locations that are hard to access.

An ideal non-destructive device for measuring building moisture.

The Hydromette BL Compact B 2  excels by the following technical enhancements and renewals, respectively:

-  A considerably stronger high frequency measuring field allows a deeper penetration depth into the construction material

-  The higher resolution of the measured values from 0 – 199 Digits realizes an even exacter localization of moisture in building materials. Up to now, this was only reserved to superior moisture meters

- For the direct indication in CM % the meter has been upgraded with additional building materials

Example of the application of the Hydromette BL Compact B 2

The active electrode LB 71 is used for measuring building moisture. It is based on the capacitive high-frequency measuring method. It can be used together with the following Hydromette devices: UNI 1, UNI 2, HB 30, RTU 600 and M 4050. The active electrode LB 71 replaces the active electrode LB 70 and the Hydromette Compact LB (in combination with a suitable Hydromette).

The telescopic tube is made of sturdy but lightweight aluminium. It can be stagelessly extended up to 1.50 m. Spots that would be difficult to access can be reached easily now –  there is no need to bend down or to use a ladder anymore.

The active electrode has built-in electronics for non-destructively sensing moisture in all types of building materials and the possibility for detecting the moisture distribution in ceilings, walls, screeds and other set building materials.

Measuring ranges: 

0 to 199 digits (scanning mode)
moisture qualification using the table 

0,3 to 8,5 wt.-%
depending on the building material, conversion by means of the table 

0,3 to 6,5 CM-%
depending on the building material, conversion by means of the table

See our info sheet to get a overview of all information about the active electrode LB 71.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us – either via email ([email protected]) or by phone 0049-7156-490712.

Contributing to the conservation of energy, the insulation of buildings becomes more and more important. Insulating wall panels made of wood fibres are used increasingly. Therefore GANN got together with well-known manufacturers at an early stage and developed calibration curves for moisture measurement. 

A new member has joined our blue product series: Hydromette BL H 41 for moisture measurement in wood fibre insulants!

The Hydromette BL H 41 is a special version based on the BL H 40. In addition to the known functions the BL H 41 also features 6 new characteristic curves for wood fibre insulants. 

These curves are based on products by reputable manufacturers: Steico, Gutex , Schneider, Pavatex and Agepan.  They are grouped according to the gross density of the material (in kg/m3) and the board manufacturing process (wet/dry).

This device is suited for everyone who processes or assesses these materials. Preliminary checks can help prevent future damage caused by moisture, e.g. flaking of plastering may be avoided.

Measuring ranges:
Wood moisture:                                                  5.5 to 40 % (dry mass)
Wood fibre insulating boards:                         4.5 to 45 % (dry mass)
temperature compensation:                            -10 to  +40 °C

The Hydromette BL H 41 is available in a complete set, or as a single device.

order code BL H 41 - set 1:                           12101
order code BL H 41 - set 2:                           12102
order code BL H 41 – without accessory:   11101

Further information can be found on our info sheet.

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